The Drips and Drops Will Finally Stop

Leave leaky faucets in the past with Wild Water Plumbing

You know the sound of leaky faucets is annoying. Rather than listen to money going down the drain, allow us to help you fix the problem. Wild Water Plumbing can install faucets and handle leaks. We work with Moen products for most installations, but we can help with any brand.

No matter if your faucet has completely stopped working, is broken slightly or leaks for the sole purpose of being irritating, we have a solution.

Want us to fix your faucet? Call or text (703) 586-7025 to schedule an appointment.

What we offer you

What we offer you

When you choose us to end your leaky faucet troubles, you won't be disappointed. We strive to provide excellent quality, service and care.

We do this by:

  • Having the same person consult and work on your project
  • Providing information that is useful about your faucet's problems
  • Aiming to keep project prices to a minimum
  • Ensuring your project is carried out by someone with experience

Does that sound like the type of service you want? Call us to receive a free estimate.