Importance of Sump Pump Maintenance in Woodbridge, VA!


Is your sump pump working to its full capacity? Do you feel like it’s not pumping as well as it once did, or do you just want to double-check that it’s working at all? Keeping this appliance in good condition is vital for keeping your basement dry. Not only will doing regular maintenance on your sump pump save you money and headaches in the long run, but it could also prevent your entire basement from flooding. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of sump pump maintenance for your Woodbridge, VA residence, keep reading.


A quick inspection of your sump pump can ensure that it’s draining properly. If you notice that the float isn’t moving up and down, or if the water level is higher than normal in the basin, there could be a problem with your system. A professional plumber can take a look at this for you to make sure it’s as simple as the float is stuck or a clog somewhere.

Extended life:

Cleaning your sump pump regularly can ensure that the device doesn’t get clogged up with debris. If you’re doing this type of maintenance regularly, you won’t have to worry about changing out the entire system within 5-10 years, which could save you quite a bit in repair costs. You should also check in the basin itself every so often to make sure it isn’t clogged, which could cause an overflow.

Preventing back-up:

Keeping the area around your sump pump clear of debris will also help ensure that there’s no build-up in the area where it drains. This can reduce the likelihood that water will get backed up and potentially cause your home to flood.

What are the additional services provided by sump pump repair professionals?

If you have well water, you probably have a water softener to get rid of the minerals in your tap. These can build up inside valves and pipes which will result in water pressure issues over time. When that happens, it’s usually best just to replace all of the valves or at least flush out the system. Scheduling water treatment for well systems in Winchester, VA is an important part of your ongoing maintenance to reduce the risk of damage down the road.

Faucet repair in bathtubs in Winchester, VA can also save you money in the long run. You might not think about needing faucet repair all that often, but it’s good to know who to call if you need it!

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