Tips to Maintain your Electric Tankless Water Heater in Winchester, VA!

Tankless water heaters are becoming more popular each year. While they come with a higher price tag than traditional tank water heaters, the energy savings, and convenience of never having to worry about running out of hot water make them a great choice for many homeowners. To get the most out of your electric tankless water heater in Winchester, VA, follow these tips:

1) Keep your unit clean – A dirty tankless water heater will not work as efficiently as one that is kept clean. Be sure to regularly clean the filters and flush out any sediment or lime build-up.

2) Check your flow rate – The flow rate for a tankless water heater should be between 2 and 4 gallons per minute (GPM). If you have more than one fixture running at the same time, you may need to upgrade your unit to a higher GPM model.

3) Monitor your gas pressure – Tankless water heaters require a specific level of gas pressure to function properly. If you are unsure whether your gas pressure is correct, consult with a professional technician. The water heater service cost in Woodbridge, VA, and surrounding areas is very reasonable.

4) Insulate your pipes – Pipes that run from the tankless water heater to the fixtures can lose heat if they are not properly insulated. This will reduce the efficiency of your unit and could cause it to break down prematurely. Wrapping insulation around these pipes is an easy way to keep them warm and extend the life of your system.

5) Use a water softener – If you have hard water, it can cause lime build-up and sediment to clog your tankless water heater. A water softener will remove these minerals from the water, extending the life of your unit and preventing costly repairs.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your tankless water heater in Winchester, VA will provide years of hot water for your home. For more information or to schedule electric or gas water heater maintenance in Woodbridge, VA, contact Wild Water Plumbing at 703-586-7025.

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